#15719 Shape Shifter Earth Mother Dove-Gray Tara DT Quartz Wand
Shape Shifter Earth Mother Dove-Gray Tara DT Quartz Wand
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This is a most unusual 3.6 oz quartz from Brazil, measuring 4” by 1.4” by 1” and in spite of how she looks, she is well terminated all over. She is a long, main crystal with an abundance of students gathered at her lower termination. These students are slightly chaotic and are included with riebeckite, as the main crystal is, but not the steel blue color … more the dove gray color. Further, some are penetrators … and she has a few teeny manifestors as well – check her carefully with a loupe to see them well. Parts of her are eroded and filled with a deeper, dove-gray and there is a gentle curve to her. She is totally fascinating and amazing all at once! She is at once soft, and yet sharp; gentle and yet intense. Whatever, she is stunning in her expression and remarkable in her energies!

I call her a “shape shifter” since she seems be both matrix and crystal all at once. In ancient lore, the shape shifter was supposed to be able to change form easily … from one animal to another, from animal to mineral, from human to wolf, etc. It is said that the most successful Native American hunters “became the buffalo” and thus could get easily into the herds. What the shape shifter teaches is that while savoring our own uniqueness, we must also fit in. We must adapt and change so that we become more effective in dealing with our significant others, our siblings, out children, our parents, our friends … and we are slightly different to each of them. We learn to relate, to speak their language, etc. To the degree that we can “blend”, the better that we will be able to communicate. She is critical to people who teach, work closely with others or must deal with huge numbers of people daily. She facilitates that communication to ease your load. Further, being of the Tara tradition, she spreads her energies in celebration of peace, protection and all that is life. It is said that Green Tara offered protection to those incarcerated during the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Blue Tara offers protection to the Oceans and those born of the Water Signs. Her dove gray colors blend aspects of both with her druse rather like the sands on the beach that offers the transition between the two. The Celts also have a Tara, the Fins have Tar, the Egyptians, Ishtar and the Cheyenne have Star Woman - all Tara. She is all cultures, all races and all women … and all magnificent, ready to work with her one, very special Keeper.

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Shape Shifter Earth Mother Dove-Gray Tara DT Quartz Wand

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