#15732 Ancient Hotspot DT Rich Citrine Quartz Wand with Elestial Termination
Ancient Hotspot DT Rich Citrine Quartz Wand with Elestial Termination
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This crystal has it ALL … 9.4 oz, 4.9” by 1.85” by 1.2” rich and sunny citrine DT quartz wand from Barra do Salinas, Brazil. She is brilliant and clear with two slightly matte sides and a bit of misting in her lower termination. It’s easy to see the citrine warmth with a number of hotspots, varying in size and location … these are caused by a small, focused, concentrated dose of radiation while in the Earth eons ago. Note that she is not radioactive but merely bears evidence of exposure to natural uranium deposits in her Brazilian home. Her terminations are about as perfect as they come and her lower one is a multi and elestial with smoky tipped terminations! There is also some evidence of a small earthquake zone in this termination … this is an area that is fractured within the Earth and healed through the eons, leaving a bit of a scar in her case, small dendrites (visible with a loupe) where the scar is and a stunning rainbow! She has a large and dominant future timeline that is staggered over a glyph-filled extra facet indicating that she is a rare Dauphine twin! The terminal faces are literally covered with small record keepers that form unusual patterns and one face in particular is SO covered that they almost obliterated each other! Now for the sides – positively glyph-covered! These have to be studied with a loupe … you’ll see that the record keepers actually carried down onto one side and there are incredible and totally unusual starbrary glyphs! She has a few tiny dings but nothing of importance at all. I have held this beauty for about a year now but I know I am not her Keeper … she passes to a Keeper who has known her before and will recognize her immediately!

Although brilliant, this Spirit has a very ancient feel to her. She is a collection of different elements that blend beautifully into a symphony of expression! With the contrast of smooth and matte sides, she represents the balance of yin and yang. With her golden citrine aspects, she speaks to abundance and good luck. Her hot spots illustrate introspection, change and transformation. She calls forth the Angelic Realm and the Earthly as well, perfectly married and in perfect balance and harmony! Her rainbows speak of flexibility – rainbows are but seven colors but are the source of all color as we know it, blended and expressed in infinite combination. Her earthquake zone speaks to healing and strength, embracing the scars and manifesting them into beauty. As you work with her, these are the lessons she offers to your life. So many of us function totally out of balance, often losing sight of what we are meaning to do – just doing it to get it over with. As you bring things into balance, a focus takes shape and you find yourself much more capable of seeing the “big picture”. In fact, you feel part of it, not captured by it and that’s a tremendous feeling! Please welcome her Spirit and work with her! She will open to you and unfold the mysteries inscribed by the Star Peoples. She is such a delight and a privilege to know … and a perfect meditation companion as well as an altar Spirit!

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Ancient Hotspot DT Rich Citrine Quartz Wand with Elestial Termination

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