#15738 Delightful Lyran Smoky Pale Amethyst Quartz Avatar
Delightful Lyran Smoky Pale Amethyst Quartz Avatar
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This petite Brazilian Avatar Spirit weighs 2.7 oz and measures 4.5” by 1.6” by 0.9. She is a fully healed shard with elestial pale amethyst (tinged with smoke) on top … and it’s strange the way it formed … from the side, the elestial points look a bit like teeth! Plus she has a number of Lyran starbrary glyphs finely inscribed on her terminal faces best studied with a loupe. She has a heady crystalline musk, particularly when wet, and she sings when you handle her. She will totally awake your senses on every level! This is a very, very special crystal and meant for a modern day Shaman who will recognize her immediately as the Avatar she is. And she is in excellent condition and read to report for duty!

Use this Spirit held between the palms of two hands – as an avatar. Your fingers find natural holds in her contours. Gaze into her mists, and allow your mind and Spirit to enter them – see the Avatar in her terminations, glowing as she speaks. It is as if you are transported to an ancient temple and are embraced by the presence of the Elders. You look out and see the soaring mountains and rugged landscape. The vibrations are extraordinary! You will feel the presence of Ascended Masters, there for guidance. Always understand that the answers are within, but they will help you recognize them and activate them in your life. The Lyran peoples who left their markings were leaders and guides, rather like trail-blazers or trackers often like the old-fashioned "trail guide" but for the stars. This Spirit is a ready helper and will be a true resource to her Keeper.

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Delightful Lyran Smoky Pale Amethyst Quartz Avatar

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