#15739 Dynamic, Yet Grounding Earth Mother Lemurian Quartz, Mother Teacher
Dynamic, Yet Grounding Earth Mother Lemurian Quartz, Mother Teacher
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This is a truly fascinating and interesting quartz wand from Brazil, bright and beautiful in her earthy dress. She is a long crystal with assorted students (including one broken one) at her base and in fact, she takes the role of both mother and teacher! She has Lemurian lines and a sits on a base of Mother Earth quartzite/lodelite matrix that mirrors the lower half of her large crystal. Check her out with a loupe a world of exploration will open to you! You simply will not believe how intricate she is … and how earthy! She weighs 3.5 oz and measures 3.6“ by 2.5“ by 1.6“ and is in excellent condition.

When I first unwrapped these Spirit, the first one gave me the name “Vesper” and I thought at first that she was saying she was a Vesper Lemurian. As I worked more with her, I realized that she is an Earth Mother Lemurian with this specific name (note that this is not Vesper but she is in the Vesper family). Thus the rest are simply Earth Mother Lemurians. Before the Inca and before the Aztec, the Anasazi roamed through the Americas and settled in various places through the seasons. They were very tied to the Earth and sensed Mother Earth in a way few peoples did. Their homes were carved out of cliffs and they literally nestled into her. Their ceremonies were simpler and laced the ornate artifacts of later cultures. They relied instead on things they found … feathers, shells, branches, crystals. Vesper is such a crystal because in her, they could see the workings of Mother Earth. In her froth, they could read the future, similar to the way tealeaves are read now. This crystal would have significance to one of their clan and would be used by this person as well as the Medicine Man to divine what issues faced this person. The Mother Earth Lemurians are potent scrying Spirits and interestingly connect their Keeper with both Mother Earth and Father Sky. Working with one will both balance you and challenge you to fully access your Life’s purpose. She seeks her true Keeper and companion … this will be a wondrous journey and one you will be grateful for always!

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Dynamic, Yet Grounding Earth Mother Lemurian Quartz Wand, Mother Teacher

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