#15760 Outstanding Painted Jasper Sphere with Heart
Outstanding Painted Jasper Sphere with Heart
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This is a gorgeous 8.1 oz, 2.2” diameter painted jasper sphere from Australia! Painted jasper (aka "zebra stone" is similar to picture jasper in that the coloring comes from iron oxides that have migrated through the it in interesting shapes and forms. The iron oxide offers a wonderful contrast between the earthy shades of brown, ochre and sable that form wonderful landscapes before your eyes. Painted jasper appears finer and almost “painted” and more intricate. This Spirit rather resembles an alien planet with wandering bands and a south south pole … the north pole is a heart! This is a very special and unique Spirit that will enhance your scrying abilities! This is another that I have held for several years and our time together is complete … she passes to her new Keeper with much love!

Jasper is a very grounding, loving, protective Spirit. I love the smooth feel of the sphere – you use him like a scrying mirror, allowing your eyes to follow the twists and turns as pictures form before your eyes. There are rivers, mountains, plains, glaciers, alien landscapes – and the heart! He is beautiful to look at and delightful to work with!

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Outstanding Painted Jasper Sphere with Heart

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