#15764 Phantom of the Dow Lemurian Seed Quartz
Phantom of the Dow Lemurian Seed Quartz
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This is an amazing 2.6 oz Lemurian seed quartz from Brazil, 2.5” by 1.4” by 1.4”. Her sides have fine Lemurian lines on them and she is slightly matte finish, giving her an opalescent quality. There are keys around the slanted base and inside is a spectacular and layered phantom clearly visibly on all sides! She has a Dow termination with rare Leo starbrary glyphs among those Lemurian lines and a “smile” of a silver shield in her termination. There is a smoothness and gentleness to her … she has a tiny dings, but otherwise, she is just phenomenal!

Dows are crystals with faces of alternating 7 and 3 sides: 7/3/7/3/7/3. Specifically, Dows are known as Master Crystals. Threes represent Mind, Body and Soul; Life, Death, Rebirth. Sevens represent the seven frequencies of the tonal scale, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven Chakras. Together the 7+3 equals 10: another numeric perfection: ten toes, ten fingers, etc. Added together, they make 30, another 3 and representative of the full circle. Phantoms enable the Keeper to delve within and see the hidden. Together, these make powerful additions to an already powerful crystal. This is an important Spirit to keep with you or tuck under your pillow at night (make sure she is well padded so that you don’t have an injury!) to remind you of the perfection in simple abundance: having enough for yourself and enough to share. She will help you balance your physical, emotional and Spiritual lives and maintain that critical balance, banishing stress and anger. She is a wonderful assistant to the Light Worker!

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Phantom of the Dow Lemurian Seed Quartz

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