#15783 Beautiful, Brilliant Blue Aqua Aura Quartz Cluster
Beautiful, Brilliant Blue Aqua Aura Quartz Cluster
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This wonderful blue Spirit is a 0.9 oz cluster, 1.9” by 1.6” by 0.8” and is a sparkling DT. The original quartz is from Arkansas and the blue color arises from a special and complex treatment where gold penetrates the surface and leaves this wonderful indigo-blue color and a fascinating multi-colored iridescence to the surfaces. It is a permanent treatment and won’t come off. While I don’t usually like ‘treated’ crystals, there has always been a special place in my heart for the Aqua Aura because of the special energies imparted by the gold. This little sweetie is a series of points, some elestialization and many students, giving not only glitter but a variety of colors no matter how light hits her. They shimmer in their blue robes and flash their rainbows at you as you turn them in the light. She is a sweet Spirit with lifting energies!

Most people use Aqua Aura for protection from psychic attack which is important, however I always preferred to use one for a different reason. Most who know me know that I love music, although clearly my talent in this arena is in putting the CD in as opposed to creating or performing the music. In my personal collection is an Aqua Aura that I put in my pocket when I play guitar … and she really helps stir the musical capabilities – honest! Aqua aura’s energies are so sweet and clear that truly, she enables you to better ‘hear’ those vibrations, and thus the connection to music. Hold her during meditation in which you are playing music for background and you will open your Self to vibrations you never heard before. All of this sounds pretty superficial, but I can’t stress it enough – vibrations ARE all we are – the notes in a musical scale, the colors we see, the heat we feel from the sun – it is ALL that we sense on all levels. Now, if she can enhance what we sense, isn’t that a wonderful thing and don’t you really need that?

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Beautiful, Brilliant Blue Aqua Aura Quartz Cluster

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