#15798 Incredible “Snowflakes” of Lepidolite - Lithium Rich
Incredible “Snowflakes” of Lepidolite - Lithium Rich
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This is an incredible 5.6 oz DT colony of glittering lepidolite in clusters of columns that look like snowflakes top down! She measures 4” by 1.7” by 1.4” and is a newly-arrived Brazilian beauty from Minas Gerais! I love the pink-violet color of her with the silvery luster that creates abundant sparkles when you turn her in the light … she reminds me of January snow … only pink! Gleaming, glowing and heart-centered, she awaits her special Keeper.

Lepidolite is a wonderful Spirit, lithium rich and vivid in coloration. She has incredible, mood-lifting energies that just seem to move you out of any funk you might be in. Mind you, it doesn’t happen in a hurry – it is a soft, and gentle process so that all of a sudden, you realize that you feel better – much better! She is a lithium rich mica and mica is awesome for introspection, adding an important element to her energies. She helps you understand the nature of the mood and assists in dealing with the root cause so as to banish it forever. She would love to be part of a crystal healing or Reiki practice where her nice size permits her to be placed comfortably on the body. She is just a gentle and energetic Spirit who complements many crystalline energies wonderfully!

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Incredible “Snowflakes” of Lepidolite - Lithium Rich

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