#15807 Mysterious and Rare Cygnus Starbrary Citrine Quartz
Mysterious and Rare Cygnus Starbrary Citrine Quartz
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This is a fascinating quartz point, 2.1 oz and 2.95” by 1.1” by 0.8”, from Brazil. Her color is a nice light citrine, completely natural and not heat-treated. She holds a plethora of Lemurian lines, all etched with Cygnus starbrary glyphs that carry up onto her faces. Check her with a loupe and you will see tiny circles as well! She has a healed base and there is a larger, diagonal and ancient key to the back, perfect for a thumb or finger perch. She is in excellent condition and I think one of the very last ones I have.

Cygnus is also known as the Northern Cross or the Swan and a prominent constellation in the Northern summer and fall skies. It is on the edges of the Milky Way, kind of an “arm’s stretch” from Orion. His glyphs are more primitive and seem to be from the very first peoples to visit the Earth. Many Star People came to what was to become Lemuria, but these visitations came to the high mountain areas, places where the thin air better supported their bodies. If you want to explore a really different starbrary, this is your Spirit … perhaps you remember these times …

The Cygnus peoples wandered the galaxies - they were curious to be sure, but seemed to have no goal in mind throughout their travels. It seemed to be a need only to see what was out there and then leave a few messages as if to say "we were here" ... they wandered because they dreamed, perhaps of finding another civilization such as theirs. This Spirit is a Cygnus Muse. She draws forward energies from different frequencies so that whatever you need from a physical, emotional or Spiritual perspective, is made available – she is all about full Chakra activation! She has a gentle and soft energy, perfect for recognizing your own resources from deep within your self. Too often, we dismiss those little voices inside and as a result, shut down an important aspect of us! This Muse Spirit seeks it out and allows us to accept the expression. She is a perfect size for personal meditation or tucking under the pillow at night where she can continually project her marvelous energies! Again, she is an addiction … and proof that some addictions aren’t bad!

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Mysterious and Rare Cygnus Starbrary Citrine Quartz

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