#15810 Palest Gold DT Pre-Lemurian Quartz with Prehnite, Manifestors
Palest Gold DT Pre-Lemurian Quartz with Prehnite, Manifestors
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This is a sweet, slightly curved and tabbyesque quartz wand from Brazil, 2 oz and 4.2” by 0.95” by 0.9”. She has an assortment of strange glyphs on some sides and subtle Lemurian lines on others and sometimes some of each with area varying. My supplier called these a new type of Lemurian, but actually, they are a “pre-Lemurian”. She has Lemurian lines to be sure, but much more erratic and blended with strange starbrary glyphs. On one side, there is a grouping of little balls of green crystalline prehnite and some within … plus a number of tiny quartz manifestors. She is slightly cathedraled and has a tabby student that penetrates two adjoining sides and between that student and the main crystal is a cluster of little golden healer stained students, a bit of prehnite and glitters of mica. Golden healer gives her a nice golden glow and creates marvelous energy and emphasis. She is in excellent condition and a real beauty!

As I said, I would call this Spirit “pre-Lemurian” and you will see that when you first handle her. Her messages are far more ancient and do not have the Lemurian detail that I’ve seen in others. These bear the messages from those who became Lemurians through the centuries that followed. They successfully blend information from the star peoples with those of Earth so that it would be clear that the Lemurian civilization was to represent the best of both. Her prehnite adds wonderful energy, permitting her Keeper to “tap into” subtle energies on many levels, from ETs to angels to psychic layers. She can mesh those energies with her Keeper’s and in doing so, enhance the Keeper’s natural gift of prophesy. Such crystals are surfacing now so that our link to the stars as well as our heritages can become clear. In this time of rapidly change, instant information and electronic everything, it is important to understand our roots and seek the wisdom of Elders in our lives.

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Palest Gold DT Pre-Lemurian Quartz with Prehnite, Manifestors

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