#15811 Petite and Sweet Orion Starbrary Quartz with Sacred Sigils
Petite and Sweet Orion Starbrary Quartz with Sacred Sigils
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This is a petite 1.2 oz, 1.6” by 1.2” by 1” quartz known as a titanium gas phantom. Titanium oxide was trapped in the molten quartz and as it rose to the surface, left amazing patterns of silky, milky white wisps (hence the name ‘titanium gas’ since these look like gas trails) inside the crystal. As the gas erupted on the surface, fissures appeared, creating deep etchings and glyphs on the crystal’s faces. These are often called Sacred Sigils and have wondrous patterns that are profoundly 3-D. This sweet little Spirit self-stands on her irregular but stable base with pair of little students (and a few shallow keys) to one side. She is rather milky with the strands in the termination. She doesn’t have a lot of Sacred Sigils and they are on two faces with another subtle one on a facial edge, making that edge look a bit saw-toothed. She is in excellent condition and ready to join your special starbrary collection!

The etchings and fissures of the titanium gas phantom are a type of quartz known as a starbrary and, like the Lemurians, they carry the libraries of ancient peoples. The titanium gas phantoms contain records, however, from the Star Peoples who long ago settled on the Earth in harmony with man. In particular, these starbraries emanate from the Orion System, one of the more recent (comparatively) Earth settlements. They record very, very detailed Star Records and frequently work with companion crystals. The companions help make the information both attainable and understandable - like a translator. These crystals are found generally in Arkansas, Brazil or the Himalayas and in the Americas, played important roles in Native American cultures. To work with this rare Spirit, sit with her and play music like Novus Magnificat (Constance Demby). Choose a companion crystal (calcite is a great one as is moldavite, star quartz or elestial). Place the Starbrary in the sending hand and the companion in the receiving hand. You must specifically ask for records (like getting a specific book from the library), so as you meditate, be aware of what you are most interested in – like history, times, integration, family life, etc. You will want to carry this Spirit around with you for reading a few more chapters when you have time. She is a wealth of information as well as a source of extraordinary Star energy!

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Petite and Sweet Orion Starbrary Quartz with Sacred Sigils

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