#15831 Ancient and Muted Tricolored Smoky Ametrine Quartz
Ancient and Muted Tricolored Smoky Ametrine Quartz
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This is an amazing and magnificent smoky ametrine quartz – wonderful and mysterious and with muted colors … you think “smoky” when you first look at her but with a nice backlight, you see that she has some light citrine and amethyst as well. She is 2.9 oz and measures 3.3” by 1.1” by 1.5”. She has a recently-healed extraction scar and everywhere you look, she is glyphed with a few nice rainbows. Her glyphs read like a book, suggesting wondrous stories and unusual characters, gentled with an ancient feel and a sweet vibration. She is a spectacular Spirit with much wisdom to share and is from Paderna, Brazil. She has a ding along one side and a recently separated key at the top but is otherwise in excellent condition.

She has a feel very much like Tibetan quartz, high vibration and ethereal, but the real difference is that she has a very unique role. As soon as you feel her energies, you know that Native American Shamans would have used her in ceremonies for visioning and journeying. By choosing finger placement on the etchings, you have access to different times, places and probabilities. She allows you to venture within your Self or explore the far reaches of space and time. To work with her, first smudge the room with sage or sweet grass. Allow the room to “rest” for about an hour and then play some beautiful music, such as Carlos Nikai or Dik Darnell. The fragrance of the sage will heighten the vibrations. Sit with this Spirit and allow the total experience to engulf you. Breathe as if every breath were coming through the crystal and allow your energies to blend with hers. As the breath processes, you will feel almost whisked away – the journey has begun! Images will appear and you will enter them – go with the flow without judgment, fear or reservation. Keep your motives pure and you will have a most joyous adventure. When you feel complete, sit for a few moments and savor the feeling, then record your impressions. Over the next few days, meditate with her again and ask for guidance with those images you don’t understand. It will be a journey beyond measure for you to enjoy! Keep this Spirit in a large medicine pouch with bits of sage and a feather. She wants to be kept with you at all times!

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Ancient and Muted Tricolored Smoky Ametrine Quartz

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