#15834 Beautiful Sphere and Heart Pendulum
Beautiful Sphere and Heart Pendulum
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This is a really beautiful and unusual pendulum weighing 0.8 ox and 5.4” long. The hand part is a cute quartz heart while the pendulum piece is a 0.9” sphere that is slightly smoky. It looks smokier in my hand but it is quite clear and even offers a few rainbows. The chain is silver and has garnet, tanzanite and quartz beads on it. Quite unusual and one that will delight you over and over again!

Pendulums are wonderful to use! I have one that I use all the time with the lower part a dark blue (not gemmy) record keeper sapphire and the top, a small sapphire bead. To use a pendulum, take the upper part in your hand so that the lower (heavier) part swings freely. I like to immobilize my arm so that I’m not causing it to swing. Then ask yes-no questions or state simple sentences. I usually “warm up” by asking a stating something I know to be true (like my age or my brother’s name) and then one I know to be false (like the sky is green or I hate surprises) just to see how the pendulum swings. For me, true (or yes) is vertical and false (no) is horizontal. If it is unknown or indeterminate, the pendulum swings in a circle. Pendulums are very personal and they can’t answer things like “does he love me” or “will so-and-so get the job she wants”. Once you use the pendulum, you will be hooked on it … it does reveal many facets of your Self that you may not have realized. Have fun!

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Beautiful Sphere and Heart Pendulum

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