#15837 Chunky, Frosted Quartz Scepter with Lepidocrosite, Scheelite
Chunky, Frosted Quartz Scepter with Lepidocrosite, Scheelite
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This is a neat scepter from Madagascar that I find totally amazing! He is 0.7 oz and 1.9” by 0.6” by 0.5” with a frosted, matte finish. His scepter cap is skewed to one side as with an angular key to the back; his rod is nearly as wide as his crown, so it gives him a bit of a chunky look. Scepters are formed by a secondary growth of quartz over an original crystal … the secondary growth becomes the crown and the original crystal, the rod. These crystals then are the perfect phantom and manifestor! This Spirit originally was a fire quartz and additional lepidocrosite settled on the crystal faces as the secondary growth took place … geology in progress! As you turn him in the light, the lepidocrosite flashes rainbow colors and you’ll even see little flecks of rutile as well. Now, with a loupe, you’ll see a single, small dark scheelite crystal and a few little others inside as well! Scheelite contains titanium, further electrifying the energy! Ancient dings are now well-healed at each termination and he has holographic glyphs on his sides. He has a scrape at his base (healing) and is otherwise in excellent condition.

This is a Spirit of change, transition and transformation. Sounds like the ‘answer crystal’, huh? Everything about him has been a reaction to change. His inclusions were incorporated and became a part of his being. He is a wonderfully heady Spirit to work with and his energies will allow you to soar to new heights! And yet, his scheelite aspects provide that ‘silver thread’ when you go on astral travel so that you can always find your way home … in a sense, he has certain apophyllite energies in that regard, but the importance is that you can always course-correct as needed, returning to the start to try again. As you make that connection, you will experience a sector of Self that you had not known before … and what an experience that will be!

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Chunky, Frosted Quartz Scepter with Lepidocrosite, Scheelite

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