#15896 Gleaming Silvery White Natrolite Wand – Personal Power
Gleaming Silvery White Natrolite Wand – Personal Power
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This is a stunning natrolite wand from Russia (I believe), weighing 6.14 grams (30.65 ct) and measuring 2.1” by 0.3” by 0.3”. She is gleaming and clear in the termination with misty areas at her healed base. Small silver shields fill her with light and her termination is picture-perfect! There are striated sides with glyphs and little rainbows too! She is a zeolite and shares many characteristics with others in her family – like scolecite and mesolite. Turn her in the light and you can’t help but be captivated by her sparkle and her extraordinary energy! She can be used for Reiki or crystal healing or a wondrous piece of jewelry to wear close to your heart!

This is a wondrous and thought-provoking Spirit, perfect for putting you in touch with the “visions” you see in your meditations or in your dreams, successfully helping you realize what they symbolize. She is also adept at facilitating transitions – and specifically those associated with letting go. We often do not want something, but hang on to it tenaciously … for instance, chronic pain or fears because we are afraid of the alternative. If I let go of the pain, will it mean death? If I let go of the child, will he remember who his parent is? And so we retain negative things that do not benefit us at all and indeed, often result in profound physical issues. She helps with the development of your own personal power so that you do not need artifacts to hold. Again and again, she assists with the transmutation of the negative and allows you to see the positive in all that you do. What a serene and insistent Spirit and a perfect partner for personal meditation or crystal healing … beautiful as well!

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Gleaming Silvery White Natrolite Wand – Personal Power

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