#15897 Golden Shaman DT Zagi Mountain Smoky Quartz, Astrophyllite, Agerine
Golden Shaman DT Zagi Mountain Smoky Quartz, Astrophyllite, Agerine
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This is a 1.7 oz, 2.2” by 1.6” by 0.7” DT crystal of golden quartz from the Zagi Mountain in northern Pakistan, the foothills of the Himalayans. He is deftly twinned and glows with the opalescent misting typical of the Zagi quartz and you can see little rods of black agerine, penetrating into the quartz at the lower, elestial termination. The astrophyllite is well distributed and gives him an incredible glow. There is a small patch of deep ochre golden healer on one of his upper termination faces and has some growth-interfered areas where the astrophyllite was so thick that it caused the interference. Other than some tiny dings, he is in excellent condition.

This wonderful quartz comes from the famed Zagi Mountain where much of Pakistan’s rare earth minerals, astrophyllite, rebeickite and agerine are mined. These are often included in the quartz found there and the energies are amazing! Astrophyllite is a wonderful Spirit! It has been called sacred because it is an able assistant to the Shaman, facilitating insight, enabling third sight and revealing the hidden. When it is included in citrine quartz, the elements of protection and abundance are added. This is a crystal used for scrying, delving the depths of our Self and the wondrous Universe in which we have incarnated. As you turn him over in your hand, you are drawn into a specific face or a side – each has different attributes and each provides a glimpse into the unknown. This is not a Spirit for the timid for he will reveal ALL – the good, the bad, the wondrous and the ugly. He shows you the delicate balance among these forces and enables the Shaman to use them wisely and well. He is truly a sacred Spirit.

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Golden Shaman DT Zagi Mountain Smoky Quartz, Astrophyllite, Agerine

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