#15941 Enchanting and Luminous Ethereal Light Tangerine Quartz
Enchanting and Luminous Ethereal Light Tangerine Quartz
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This is one incredible and vividly-colored Spirit that seems to have a light of her own! She weights 6.9 oz and measures 3.9” by 1.7” by 1.4” and comes from Brazil. The base is irregular but healed and there is color banding there. There are a number of keys that are rather deep and offer perfect finger and thumb perches as you work with her. She is a luscious, clear golden tangerine orange and when backlit, she seems to be ablaze with ethereal light accented by wondrous rainbows! Her termination is well-skewed with an abundance of glyphs and more on her sides with a few more starbrary glyphs among the Lemurian lines on her sides. She has a few very tiny dings, but absolutely nothing that alters her glowing and sunny disposition and marvelous presence!

This Lady contains a wealth of information subtly coded on her faces and sides, but her role is not that of a ‘librarian’ - she is rather a Muse, stirring up creativity and allowing for the expressions of the heart. Those glyphs are a demonstration of expression and her message is inspiration and guidance; she says she is a Guide of the Orange Ray and she will give you the courage to know that what you are creating is good. For any creative work to be truly good, it has to be created out of love, honor and respect. The Muse delights in your attempts, your products and your process. She is fiercely protective of her Keeper-student and shows that you CAN be all you can imagine! Place her in your work space for her energies to pour forth and initiate the process. As you begin a project, sit with this Spirit for a while and look for the guidance. She is a cheerful helper and a delightful muse, showering you with Ethereal Light!

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Enchanting and Luminous Ethereal Light Tangerine Quartz

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