#15944 Fabulous Smoky Amethyst Quartz – Dream Manifestation
Fabulous Smoky Amethyst Quartz – Dream Manifestation
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This is an oddly shaped bright smoky amethyst quartz from Beaverhead, Montana. Glyphs abound and carry up even onto the faces … and he has some little trigonics too … and the smoky concentrates on the edges of his back with the odd key! Plus if you check him with a loupe, you’ll see deep chambers, silver foils, rainbows and intricate details! Let your imagination go – the Spirits inside are just begging to come out and play! He is healed all over (in spite of first impressions) but has a modern small ding at the edge of his largest terminal face, although nothing of significance.

To the Native American, crystals such as this were dream-workers … ones that helped you interpret your dreams and manifest their meaning in your physical expression. Work with this Spirit and recognize the power and wealth within you. You have a world of expression awaiting voice and this Spirit will help you see it! He is fanciful and cheery, helping you to learn to laugh at yourself and enjoy your role in life! What a wonderful Spirit for a medicine bag or tucked under a pillow for life's role dreams!

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Fabulous Smoky Amethyst Quartz – Dream Manifestation

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