#15981 Aborigine Dreamland Quartz Wand with Smoky Amethyst Phantoms, Manifestors
Aborigine Dreamland Quartz Wand with Smoky Amethyst Phantoms, Manifestors
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Several summers ago, my supplier offered me a small lot of these amazing crystals also called “Silent Grove Spectre quartz” from the location where they were found many years ago in Australia. (OK, funny aside … you know how if a word is misspelled, but all the letters are there, just not in the right order, your mind converts it to the familiar word? Well I thought my supplier had offered “scepters” … imagine my surprise when I opened up all these wands!) This one is a light smoky wand with slanted base and a druse on one side. At the curve, he has a band of mist just below the layered phantoms of smoky amethyst … the camera had a tough time picking up the amethyst but backlit, you can see it among the layers of smoky phantoms. There are nice Lemurian lines and if you check him with a loupe, you will see a little penetrator and two rather large (for him) manifestors! He is 0.7 oz of powerhouse and is 2.3” by 0.7” by 0.55”.

This is a traveling crystal, not necessarily in the sense of physical travel (although he does fit nicely in the pocket for precisely that purpose) but in the sense of astral, dimensional and ethereal travel. The Aborigine had a different perception of dreams … they felt the ones we had at night were conscious and that the day’s activities were the real dreams! It’s an unusual way of looking at things, but if you think about it, it served to substantially heighten the perceptions and expand them into realms other than our own. Through the energies of these crystals, we can do the same; by allowing our minds and focus to course through the landscapes of their layered phantoms, we are able to achieve that altered state where we can slip between time, surf alternate dimensions, explore endless possibilities and more effectively travel the paths of our own mind! He will be your go-to friend who travels well with you!

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Aborigine Dreamland Quartz Wand with Smoky Amethyst Phantoms, Manifestors

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