#15982 Abundant Rainbow Schiller Sunstone in Shaman's Iolite – Pocket Stone
Abundant Rainbow Schiller Sunstone in Shaman's Iolite – Pocket Stone
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This is a 1 oz, somewhat-teardrop shaped, polished 1.4” by 1.4” by 0.6” polished piece of iolite with a loads of sparkling of sunstone inclusions from India … and in fact, the sunstone is so predominant in this Spirit that even the iolite glitters! She has wonderful indigo color with lighter veining with those flashes of rainbows (use a loupe to better see this). She is a perfect pocket size where she is readily available when you need immediate calming and mellowing … and is truly is an addiction worth having!

This Spirit is a great source of joy, guaranteed to de-stress you, mellow you out and lift a bad mood! But, she also stimulates creativity, showing you how you can create infinite beauty and harmony with just a few basics. Great paintings come from just seven colors. Symphonies are but a blend of seven tones. She teaches you to take the simplest of things and spin them into unique beauty and expression. She is a perfect size for laying on the body over the Third Eye or placing under another crystal to infuse that crystal with both creative and Third Eye energies. Iolite is sometimes called a Shaman's stone as Shamans often wore one in a ring to help induce visions. Iolites open up the Third Eye and stimulate the visioning process. Often, people would report seeing angels or Ascended Masters to guide them as they sought Spiritual truth and wisdom. Truly this blend of energies is wonderful and very awesome to experience! She is a go-to-must-have crystal for everyone seeking balance in this stressful time.

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Abundant Rainbow Schiller Sunstone in Shaman's Iolite – Pocket Stone

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