#15993 Handsome Green Peridot Crystal
Handsome Green Peridot Crystal
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This is an exceptional and rather tabby peridot crystal from Pakistan, 2.5 grams and 0.9” by 0.2” by 0.4”. The color is a nice golden green tinged with what looks like a bit of goethite on one edge. He is a single crystal with tiny glyphs are all over his surface and he has is a real treat to study with a loupe! He is a great size for pocket, medicine pouch or wire-wrapping.

Peridot is a wonderful stone for cleansing both the heart and Solar Plexus. Peridot is also amazingly protective ‘safety net’ for the openness and as a result, initiates healing at a very deep level. And, I love the effect of ludwigite – as if these fibers radiated the heart’s song in all its magnificent tones! With his ability to marry the heart with the Solar Plexus, he is able to fully sing the heart’s song in joyous expression and balance. He is a splendid gift for one you love as well, as one to treasure with all your special heart stones!

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Handsome Green Peridot Crystal

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