#15995 Intricate Cathedraled Citrine Wand with Stargazer
Intricate Cathedraled Citrine Wand with Stargazer
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This is a wonderful light citrine wand from Brazil, 1 oz and 2.7” by 0.6” by 0.6” with a healed, druse-covered base. He is deftly twinned with a stargazer at the terminal apex and there are nice glyphs on the faces. There are Lemurian lines on his sides as well as subtle starbrary glyphs for your pleasure reading … he is certainly a very unique Spirit! He has a few very little dings, but nothing that interferes with either his energy or stunning beauty! Citrine is an amazing energy – warm and vital, it never picks up negativity and never needs cleansing.

Citrine is also considered the stone of Prosperity, of Abundance. With both Prosperity and Abundance, this Spirit is not meaning about physical, material wealth. These characteristics are derived from a successful blend of physical, emotional and Spiritual achievement such that you radiate them from within. Both mean that you have achieved a level at which you have enough and enough to share – on all levels. This Spirit can be carried or to allow you to use him for scrying any time you need him. Allow your imagination to voice what you see and then focus on what you have identified. If a face, then enter the crystal, expecting to meet the Spirit within. If Atlantis, go inward and walk the rocky trails along the cliffs, overlooking the sea. If clouds, rise to meet them and study the Earth from high vantage and see the WHOLE picture. He is a wonderful Spirit and will be a delight to his Keeper!

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Intricate Cathedraled Citrine Wand with Stargazer

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