#16043 Gleaming Mini Antenna Needle Quartz Cluster with Pyrite
Gleaming Mini Antenna Needle Quartz Cluster with Pyrite
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From Colombia, comes this fantastic 0.7 oz, 1.7” by 1.3” by 1” antenna-like needle quartz cluster that is liberally accented by a series crystals of pyrite, spanning across a small part of the cluster. Needle quartz is bright, clear, ultra-thin wands and is not common … and as a result, she has uncommon luster. She is in excellent condition and although a mini size, can be used very effectively for portably altars and for personal meditation of crystal/Reiki healing.

The image of this Spirit as an angel is apt as truly, her energies are from another realm. She opens up the golden ray of love, wisdom and understanding, the wondrous trio of the emotional Chakras, the ones that bridge the physical and the Spiritual aspects of our being. Knowledge and intellect without wisdom is unbalance. Knowing and seeing without understanding is lost. Wisdom and understanding without love lacks true Spiritual and human value. This gentle Spirit helps you to both manifest and achieve these critical balances on a daily basis so that your own Spiritual growth and achievement is nothing short of divine!

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Gleaming Mini Antenna Needle Quartz Cluster with Pyrite

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