#16049 Illuminating Brazilian Amphibole Quartz – Angelic Dreams
Illuminating Brazilian Amphibole Quartz – Angelic Dreams
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This a somewhat rugged-looking but sweet 2.1 oz, 2.2” by 1.4” by 1” point comes from Brazil. The inclusions are a collection of fibrous minerals: tremolite, actinolite and polygorskite which sometimes look like long strands and others, like cotton puffs. She is fiber-filled and opalescent but virtually glows with her pure white inclusions. Her faces and sides are subtly glyphed and she has areas that look gray … with a loupe, you can see that these are teeny, likely hematite, dendrites! There are some ancient keys on her sides and in spite of her first impression of ruggedness, through the eons, she has healed her dings (and her base)! She absolutely FILLS with light and radiates a warm, gentle and loving energy! She comes from a played-out mine in Brazil where these were also called “phantom faden” quartz. She has a tiny, modern dings, but nothing altering her angelic expression! Given the chance, she will share her energies with her special Keeper!

When these crystals came to the market, they were named “Shamanic Dream” crystals and for good reason, but she, on the other hand, seems fart more angelic. You are totally drawn into her, easily journeying through time and space, but with her dendrites, still maintain your earthly connedctions. This one in particular is absolutely awesome for personal meditation – use her as you would a scrying mirror. Ask a question and then allow your mind to enter that gorgeous main face. See what paths, mountains, vistas she takes you to … observe, take in details and remember. When your meditation is complete, write down what you remember and throughout the next week or two, think about what you saw and allow the meaning to percolate to the surface. DO NOT judge or discount what you saw – it is imperative that you remain open for the lesson within. Using her often enables you to move steadily through a brilliant transformation. Now, her phantomed enable you to consider many more possibilities. As you know, we have probabilities to everything we do … some are more obvious (like going to work or taking a different route), but others are more subtle. Perhaps taking a different route will lead you to someone who needs your help. Whether or not you help has yet another set of outcomes … and so it goes. With her angelic energies, she helps you to see the complete picture at all levels, important when you are considering possibilities and courses of action. This is a wonderful point for pocket or medicine pouch where she will always be close!

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Illuminating Brazilian Amphibole Quartz – Angelic Dreams

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