#16073 Stunning Blue-Green Aquamarine on Quartz Base with Golden Healer
Stunning Blue-Green Aquamarine on Quartz Base with Golden Healer
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This is an altar-sized 2 lb 6 oz 5” by 3.7” by 3.3” pair of golden healer stained aquamarine crystals that sit on the side of a large piece of white quartz. The golden healer gives the aquamarine a bit of a greenish cast and the terminations of the crystals were broken eons ago and totally healed, but bear heavy staining. She is a splendid Spirit and will grace your special angel altars … or any place you need her gentle and sweet energies!

The energies from this Spirit are amazing – totally angelic! Aquamarine has such soft and gentle energies – like a cool shower on a hot, hot summer’s day. This Spirit exudes protective energies, radiating compassion and understanding. Her flat side shows the need for base and stability in choosing experiences that are important for this lifetime and the spiritual awareness necessary for the fast pace of our world. Overall, there is a calming, knowing feel to this Angel as she offers protection to her Keeper.

To meditate with this Angel is to touch the heavens. She follows your breath inward and then outward and suddenly, you are entering the Library of the Knowledge of All Times. You search for self-understanding and find the courage to thoroughly love yourself. You begin to see your place in the World and begin to see what you must do for Spiritual Enlightenment. You actually begin to feel your consciousness shift and suddenly, the day is lighter, the music more beautiful, the sunlight, more clear. You feel balance and order. The Angel has worked her magic. She would love to work with her new Keeper in personal meditation or in a Reiki or crystal healing practice where she can help with issues of compassion, protection and courage.

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Stunning Blue-Green Aquamarine on Quartz Base with Golden Healer

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