#16087 Creative Filidh’s Muse Elestial Quartz
Creative Filidh’s Muse Elestial Quartz
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This Spirit is a deceptively ordinary-looking 1.8 oz elestial from Jenipago, Brazil. She measures 2.4” by 1.5” by 0.8” and is covered with wonderful, raised terminations on one side and a “tip to toe” waterfall key to the back (with a perfect indentation for you finger or your thumb as you work with her). As you rub her, she has a distinct but almost inaudibly high, crystalline frequency and as you place your fingers on various terminations, she is tunable and plays like a piano (and I’m being figurative here …)! She is terminated all around including the small contact area at the base, a testament to her strong energy. When you backlight her, she fills with radiant light and if you look at her with a loupe, there are patterns within her in silver-gray, gold and red formed by minute spheroids of hematite! The patterns almost resemble lace and are rather like crystalline henna tattoes! She is an extraordinary crystalline Spirit with amazing and vibrant energy!

When I first held this Spirit, she sang – not in the conventional singing crystal sense, but in the sense of ancient songs. It struck me that she was a talisman for a Filidh! Druid Filidhs were similar to bards, but at a much higher level. Often, they trained for 20 years just to achieve the status and standard required of them. Their tales form much of the history and ceremony we know of the Druids today. As you take this Spirit in your receiving hand, your fingers flow and find a place among her multi-terminations. As she “speaks”, images rise and your fingers move about, stimulating others. There are ancient campfires, battles, tales of heroics, children, hunts and ceremonies. If ever you longed for inspiration for art or writing, here she is! She is also wondrous for activating other crystals for pocket use so that you carry specific energies with you at all times. Listen to her well and know the glory and beauty of total creativity!

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Creative Filidh’s Muse Elestial Quartz

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