#16092 Dynamic, Empathic Life Force Lemurian Quartz
Dynamic, Empathic Life Force Lemurian Quartz
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This is a cute, pocket-sized 1.1 oz and 1.95” by 0.9” by 0.8” Lemurian quartz with quite profound lines and slanted and healed base. She is prismatically clear with almost has a grayish cast to her … study her with a loupe and you’ll see tiny bits of specular hematite as well as a number of well-shaped hematite crystals within her. Every other side is with exceedingly minute Ursa Minor starbrary glyphs, making those sides appear matte but they are as lustrous as the others. She has a large ding to one side that is totally healed (albeit recently as it still has a gloss to it) but she is otherwise in excellent condition and ready to go to work!

It is fascinating about all the Lemurian quartz emerging now, in response to the world need for Lemurian energies … after all, their time was one of unheralded peace and tranquility. I have actually carried these hematite quartz for a while, but until the channeling with the Blue Tara Lemurian, they were relatively silent. Suddenly, they are singing and opening to contact. In Lemurian times, all manner of crystals were seeded around the world and each had a particular role. In working with a dear friend, I discovered the role of this one … she is the ultimate connector with the Soul Source, our very own Life Force … the silver cord that joins us to All That Is. There are times in our lives when we are direly injured physically, emotionally or Spiritually … and it is that Life Force that persists and allows time for healing and recovery. This Spirit is one who helps her Keeper tap into that Life Force. Her dual nature suggests the importance of a soul mate in this effort and the fact that soul mates come back lifetime after lifetime to fulfill various roles of being together. These are crystals that should be with you on a daily basis, particularly during illness, profound emotional periods and during any crisis that threatens your well-being. She is really that good …

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Dynamic, Empathic Life Force Lemurian Quartz

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