#16136 Delicate DT Russian Star Song Quartz Cluster
Delicate DT Russian Star Song Quartz Cluster
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This delicate and lovely 0.7 oz, 2.75” by 1.9” by 0.7” DT cluster really shows off the diversity in Russian quartz! The crystals are beautifully arranged in a flattened array and she sings beautifully when handled. One crystal is upright as if on guard over her sleeping companions. The crystals are a nice lustrous finish of purest white and oh, does she ever fill with light! She looks for the world like a gift from the stars – delicate in her light and brilliant in her energy! The faces of her terminations are nicely glyphed (with Andromeda starbrary glyphs) and the crystals themselves have a neat texture that will invite study using a loupe! She a most delightful Spirit and in excellent condition!

I love clusters like this – they exude such joy and wonder and this one is no exception! Her orange hematite is perfect for gently stimulating a passion and creativity in everything that you do. She would be wonderful placed on a desk or in a room in which you will work where she can help you find the best things about even the most mundane jobs that you do! Besides being lovely to look at, she is a sweet and loving Spirit!

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Delicate DT Russian Star Song Quartz Cluster

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