#16145 Extraordinary XL Shape Shifter Quartz Wand - Super Singer
Extraordinary XL Shape Shifter Quartz Wand - Super Singer
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This is a most unusual extra-large 1 lb 6.2 oz quartz from Brazil. She measures 9.9” by 1.9” by 1.4” and is doubly-terminated although there is a ding to the side of the lower termination. She is a long single crystal, surrounded by etched and shimmering crystal crystalline druse, some of which has brownish, earthy inclusions. These ‘Earth Mother’ inclusions seem to incorporate the heart of Earth. Check this druse with a loupe and you’ll see DTs ranging from small to large, tabbies and elestials. She has a look almost like the changeling quartz, but not. She has Lemurian lines on her sides, but also there is a layering (see pictures) that suggest that she is sort of a cathedral as well … and you will not believe the little rainbows and the amazing songs that she sings! She is totally fascinating and amazing all at once! She has a couple of little dings, but nothing of significance. She will be a wondrous addition to your special altar crystals!

I call her a ‘shape shifter’ since she seems be both matrix and crystal all at once. In ancient lore, the shape shifter was supposed to be able to change form easily … from one animal to another, from animal to mineral, from human to wolf, etc. It is said that the most successful Native American hunters ‘became the buffalo’ and thus could get easily into the herds. What the shape shifter teaches is that while savoring our own uniqueness, we must also fit in. We must adapt and change so that we become more effective in dealing with our significant others, our siblings, out children, our parents, our friends … and we are slightly different to each of them. We learn to relate, to speak their language, etc. To the degree that we can ‘blend’, the better that we will be able to communicate. She is critical to people who teach, work closely with others or must deal with huge numbers of people daily. She facilitates that communication to ease your load …

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Extraordinary XL Shape Shifter Quartz Wand – Super Singer

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