#16186 Brilliant Dauphine-Twinned Cathedral Lightbrary Smoky Quartz with Mica
Brilliant Dauphine-Twinned Cathedral Lightbrary Smoky Quartz with Mica
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This is a brilliant and clear DT smoky cathedral lightbrary, from Brazil, weighing 8.1 oz and measuring 3.4” by 2.8” by 1.9”. Her sides are well cathedraled and she is also a Dauphine twin … look at the markings on the side that are classic indications of such! She is also a magnificent healer – there are two dings and a contact area – all healed and magnificently expressed! She has a number of mica insets and at first, I thought they were dravite tourmaline because of the brown color but study them with a loupe and you will see that they are thick mica books that glitter and glow! She is a wondrous Spirit with soaring energies!

The ancient peoples sought crystals such as this because of the power they contained. She is also a lightbrary, hosting the records of the millennia in her atoms and astounding in her energies. Her glyphed faces are keys to unlocking the secrets of the ancients. These unite her with the air and water; she is earth and fire. To work with this Spirit, gather other items of the earth: feathers, shells, flowers, herbs, small stones. Arrange them in a circle and orient them so that the four directions are honored. Anoint this Spirit with rainwater and allow her crystalline musk to rise. Play drumming music or drum yourself to heighten the vibrations of the meditation. She is a mystical crystal, holding the secrets within her. As you meditate, she will release them, one after another. Shamans cherished, honored and savored visions so received. These are now yours for your own Spiritual advancement as well as others who look to you for Light.

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Brilliant Dauphine-Twinned Cathedral Lightbrary Smoky Quartz with Mica

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