#16190 Delicate Crystalline Barely Blushed Rose Quartz
Delicate Crystalline Barely Blushed Rose Quartz
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When I saw these quartz for the first time, I was immediately in love! She is a wonderful 0.5 oz and 1.3” by 0.9” by 1.2” elestial DT cluster that looks for the world like white quartz … but on close inspection, you can see the palest of rosy blushes. She is marvelously glyphed and etched with accents of brilliant rainbows that dance in the sunshine. Her glyphs form cascades of ripples across her surfaces like river deltas meeting the sea. She is in awesome condition and ready for her Keeper!

This Spirit is a sweet Angel, in spite of her very palest hint of color … the rose energies infuse her totally. Her sweet energies bathe you in fragrant, sweet, unconditional love! She reminds you that true love begins with love of self. If you do not truly, unconditionally love yourself and who you are, then change is necessary to make it so. Once you reach that level, only then can you love someone else and they love you. It sounds harsh, but it’s not really. If you are happy with who you are, then you radiate that happiness; beauty exudes from every pore and you glow with an energy and enthusiasm that is beyond measure. People perceive you differently and react differently. If you look at the truly beautiful people, their beauty comes from somewhere deep inside – they may not be that physically attractive, but their happiness makes them glow. Work with this Angelic Spirit and allow her to help you achieve that level of love!

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Delicate Crystalline Barely Blushed Rose Quartz

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