#16197 Glittery Picasso Quartz with Flashy Mica, Calcite
Glittery Picasso Quartz with Flashy Mica, Calcite
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Picasso quartz is the name I gave to these Spirits since each looks kind of like a Picasso painting if Picasso had ever been inclined to do a painting of a crystal. He is from a new find in Peru and my supplier said that these were the only new varieties of quartz at the Tucson Show this year. He is a nice laser-like point with a number of small mica books at his base along four sides … hard to show in the photos but you will be surprised by his flashy presence! He is 1.9 oz and 3.2” by 1.3” by 0.9” and has nice, tactile Lemurian lines although only two are exposed while the rest have a glittery coating of teeny quartz druse mixed with a bit of calcite. To his back, there is a deep key, perfect for a finger or thumb tip and his slanted and healed base clearly shows his smoky heart and the secondary growth that covered him. He is in excellent condition and looks forward to working with his Keeper..

This is a trance state crystal, without a doubt! If you ever had difficulties focusing in meditation, this is one to assist. He puts you into a theta brainwave state rather rapidly – fully-conscious and not quite asleep, but in a highly relaxed state so that ideas literally can come pouring through. Theta brain states are fairly common – have you ever gotten to work and realized that you have no recollection of the last few miles? Or you’re doing some repetitive activity, like pulling weeds, and suddenly you are in an altered state. It’s these states where you literally can process huge amounts of information and open up your mind to incredible possibility. Richard Bach claims to have written Jonathon Livingston Seagull in such a trance and for some time, did not publish it as he thought that it was not his original work! This Spirit is amazing for assisting you in opening to the theta state and will open a whole new world of meditation to you!

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Glittery Picasso Quartz with Flashy Mica, Calcite

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