#16200 Huge and Gorgeous Deep Golden DT Dravite for Altar
Huge and Gorgeous Deep Golden DT Dravite for Altar
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This is an astounding 2 lb 0.9 oz lb DT dravite crystal from Australia measuring 3.8” by 4.2” by 2.5”. Dravite is a wondrous form of tourmaline that is a rich and deep caramel brown color. His faces and sides are wonderfully glyphed and inset in areas with a bit of quartz. Now, he’s very large for a dravite, very large! But oh, what a wonderful energy he expresses! Every way you turn him, there is a different story in the glyphs and each has a different energetic aspect. He is a starbrary activator as well, serving to help decode quartz starbraries and activate them fully. And he isn’t so large that he’s too big for personal meditation – he’s a perfect size for holding in both hands to fully enjoy the energy flow. He has a shimmering, healed contact area back, but nothing troublesome or affecting his joyous presence or soaring energies!

If you have never worked with dravite, you’re in for a real treat! They are very unusual among tourmalines in that their crystalline form is not striated. They have a huge, but mellow, earthy feel and when you hold one, you will be astounded at how warm they get. As their energies blend with yours, a sense of peace and calm washes over you – it’s kind of like taking a shower after working hard in the garden. You feel right with the world afterward. Now here’s the real benefit: he scrubs your aura too, rooting out negativity and bad vibrations, and adjusting your ethereal “body” so that it meshes well with your physical one. No wonder you feel so good! This alignment is critical for Light Workers, crystal healers and Reiki practitioners as they do their jobs – and it’s a real benefit for each of us as we go about daily life! When you are done, give him about an hour in the sun to recharge and he’s good to go again! He makes a wonderful altar crystal as the focal point of the energies to keep all well with the energy fields.

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Huge and Gorgeous Deep Golden DT Dravite for Altar

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