#16239 Delightfully Keyed Golden Desert Lemurian Quartz
Delightfully Keyed Golden Desert Lemurian Quartz
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These are a wonderful Lemurian quartz from Brazil, 3.8 oz and 3.2” by 1.4” by 1.1” with an amazing golden healer and hematite-infused white chlorite phantom filling her back and kind of creating a “hood” inside. The colors use the full expression of the Southwest color range, but leaning towards dusk shades, and this one really reminds me of a sand painting, created for ceremonial and healing purposes and then scattered to the winds at the end! There is a series of keys that give her a bit of a zig-zag look. Her faces are subtly glyphed and her Lemurian lines are likewise subtle but laden with glyphs. And to one side there are some ancient keys –one at the base, another small, circular one just above is and then a hexagonal one that impinges three sides and their three adjoining faces. There are a couple of tiny dings, but she is joyous and sweet, fully of energy for her Keeper!

It is truly interesting about the Southwest colors of this Spirit. The American Southwest was once under the ocean and believe it or not, you can find shell fossils in the Grand Canyon! Dolphins and other sea life played freely in these seas and the energies were definitely Lemurian, the dominant age of the planet. These energies are from the beginning of Lemurian times when the formation of all we know as Lemuria was beginning to flourish. She is a profound Spirit, the original and the defining one. If you are a Keeper with Lemurian roots, she is one who will reacquaint you with your origins …

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Delightfully Keyed Golden Desert Lemurian Quartz

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