#16301 Gorgeously Amethyst Leopard Spot Phantom Elestial Quartz
Gorgeously Amethyst Leopard Spot Phantom Elestial Quartz
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This is a surprising and textural 0.7 oz, 1.4” by 0.9” by 10.7” elestial quartz from Brazil that is covered with pointillist deep red dots of hematite, almost like the spots on a leopard. When backlit, the hematite spheroids give her a reddish amethyst cast … the amethyst is in zones as well … like ink added to water with its intensity swirling as it mixes in. Her faces have wondrous glyphs, including tiny keys from former spheroids and a textural deposit of frosty white chalcedony adds more interest. She is very textural and earthy, allowing her Keeper to draw from a power within. She is in excellent condition.

Hematite quartz is awesome for work with the Primal Chakra – the Chakra where we hold all of our beliefs, our attachment to “tribe” and family, our survival and the initiation of all our healing efforts. Carrying or working with hematite quartz helps us maintain a healthy flow of energy in this critical Chakra, enabling integration of the Spiritual achievements into our physical expression. Her many contrasts and expressions demonstrates how even with family, we can be different and it is this difference that is both sacred and exhilarating. She keeps us centered and helps us realize our own self-worth by accepting as opposed to comparing. She is a wonderful companion and a perfect size for pocket or medicine pouch.

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Gorgeously Amethyst Leopard Spot Phantom Elestial Quartz

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