#16302 Haunting Moonglow Calcite Stellar Beams on Basalt with Celadonite
Haunting Moonglow Calcite Stellar Beams on Basalt with Celadonite
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This is a lovely cluster of etched moonglow-white calcite scalenohedrons (stellar beams) sitting on an irregular and sort of bubbly-looking basalt bit of matrix coated with dark green celadonite. She weighs 1.2 oz and measures 2.4” by 2” by 1.4”. Her crystals are arranged a bit like a flower, beautifully expressed in their ethereal appearance. Her sides are etched and glyphed so that they fill with light. She is beautiful and haunting and is from Brazil.

Stellar Beams were first identified by Katrina Raphael in the late 1980s and those of us in NM at the time were aware of Katrina’s work in Taos, long before her books came out. Up until that time, most of us were using the rhomboids in layouts and while excellent, we felt something was lacking. The Stellar Beams provided that missing ingredient and added an acceleration to the total effect of calcite. If you take any calcite, even the Stellar Beam, and break it (please trust me on this one - don’t try this at home), you’ll see that it breaks into the rhomboids. So, the Stellar Beam is the same structure, but organized in a more highly evolved, specialized way.

Calcite is about change. She assists you in working with change, yet instills confidence and self-assurance and suddenly, you realize that you are FREE to realize all that you dream. She teaches you to ALLOW your dreams, to be flexible in them and in so doing, you can attain. Keep in mind that always wanting to become a singer if you were not gifted with a great voice makes that dream a problem if you are literal with your intent. But, the songs are in your Soul and you can make a career involving singing if that is your true heart’s desire. She takes you in her angelic wings and flies you to new heights – soar with her! She is a perfect size for laying on the body during personal meditation or during a crystal healing or Reiki treatment, assisting the Healer in addressing issues of change with the patient. She is a hard-working Spirit with a desire to heal.

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Haunting Moonglow Calcite Stellar Beams on Basalt with Celadonite

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