#16312 Lustrous Moorella Smoky Quartz with Splotches of Druse
Lustrous Moorella Smoky Quartz with Splotches of Druse
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This is a sparkling Australian Moorella quartz with lots of character – and these are getting scarce! He is 0.8 oz, 1.3” by 1.1” by 1” and is a nice smoky color that is zoned throughout. There are areas of glittery druse (and a bit of calcite) and if you check him with a loupe, you will see a few teeny manifestors inside! His luster is similar to a Herkimer diamond and like the Herkimers, these quartz grow in little geodes (nests) that are filled with little smoky druse … like seeds. Only a few grow to this size. He will totally dazzle you with his energy!

Moorellas have very Herkimer-like energy and this little guy is no slouch in the energy department! He just radiates brilliant energy, although instead of being expansive, his energy is much more grounding. He seems really determined to suck up all the negative energy he can and transmute it into something bright and inspiring. He would like to assist his new Keeper with dream therapy, either on a personal level or in a Reiki or crystal healing practice where the patient is having difficulty with nightmares or night terrors. This little Spirit will help take the fright out of the dream and turn it into the positive learning experience that can be applied in the waking hours. The Aborigine peoples have a strong belief that real is the dream state and the dream is really the waking state. In a sense, they are accurate – the veil between the two is often blurred and we must consciously look for lessons in all of our experience.

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Lustrous Moorella Smoky Quartz with Splotches of Druse

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