#16313 Multi-Terminated Grapesicle and Crème Beta Amethyst Scepter
Multi-Terminated Grapesicle and Crème Beta Amethyst Scepter
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This is a rather odd-looking amethyst scepter, 15 grams and 1.4” by 0.6” by 1.15” from Madagascar. Her crown is a lovely grapesicle crown made up of four terminations and sits slightly offset from her milky quartz rod, healed at the base. A number of little students edge the crown, accented by a bit of golden healer! Her terminations are definitely beta and they sit there like little jewels with nicely glyphed faces and teeny trigonic record keepers. She is in excellent condition with only a few very tiny dings!

She is a beta quartz meaning that she was formed under higher temperature and pressure than other quartz. Beta quartz is more highly ordered and has more symmetry than regular (alpha) quartz and over all it is less dense. As a result, the vibrations are somewhat different – more pure and more intense. Then, to have the amethyst coloration is very uncommon. Amethyst is a Crown Chakra stone, infusing the aura with vibrant, protective violet rays. Long considered sacred all over the world, amethyst is used to open the mind and raise Spiritual vibrations. The scepter signifies a rising to power. This little Spirit is a wonderful personal crystal to wear or place in a medicine pouch to surround her Keeper with the most Spiritual of energies, helping purify on a constant basis. What a treasure this jewel is!

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Multi-Terminated Grapesicle and Crème Beta Amethyst Scepter

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