#16315 Opalescent Ethereal Changeling Amethyst Quartz
Opalescent Ethereal Changeling Amethyst Quartz
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This is an arrival from Bahia, Brazil and you will be in love when you hold her for the first time … pictures cannot truly capture the ethereal beauty! She is 5.7 oz and 2.9” by 2.3” by 1.7” and is a lovely light amethyst with ancient keys and amazingly healed areas all over. She is skewed to one side with two sides resembling a series of shallow keys, leaving her with only three actual faces. Near as I can tell, she is also a dissolution quartz with deep rivulets carved into her that have healed through the eons, leaving her with changeling energies. Although lustrous all over, the “carved” areas look frosty … like an amethyst snowflake, especially when viewed terminations down … I did try to capture that in a photo but photos are 2D and she really has a 3D effect! Her terminal faces hold deeply carved areas as well and with a loupe, you will see and assortment of linear glyphs and a number of teeny trigonic record keepers … and all highlighted with silver shields! When backlit, she has an opalescent glow that seems to activate the Crown Chakra and the ethereal ones as well! There are some very small dings remaining, but nothing that detracts in any manner from her beauty or energy.

This Spirit not only intensifies ethereal energies, but epitomizes change. Human changelings are those who draw from their total source of inner strength during times of stress and literally become something else, but without losing that center core of knowing who they really are. Native American hunters “became” the buffalo so that they could get close to the herd during the hunt. Others became the eagle so that they could locate the herds. It is possible for each of us to allow our consciousness to take another form so as to give us a different perspective, additional insight or more information, beyond what our own senses provide. That is the nature of this Spirit – she assists you in finding that aspect of Self that can run with the buffalo or soar with the eagle. It is a skill that can be learned and mastered with practice and dedication and she is a ready teacher for her Keeper. But keep in mind that she is a decidedly strong working crystal, not content to sit on the shelf, waiting. Remember, change IS her nature. She is a Change Master as well as an adaptor, a first responder and a Guide. Accept her as a companion only if you are ready for that critical next step in your Spiritual development and only if you will work diligently with her to realize your role as a Light Worker. She calls upon the World of Magic and brings hidden (aka ‘occult’) vision to her Keeper. She allows her Keeper to tap into the vibrations of the mineral kingdom, allowing each to present their unique gift (aka crystalline super power!). Use her with care, taking precautions not to abuse. Accept her as an ethereal guide!

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Opalescent Ethereal Changeling Amethyst Quartz

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