#16415 Rugged Zagi Mountain Quartz with Agerine - Shaman's Path
Rugged Zagi Mountain Quartz with Agerine - Shaman's Path
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From the Zagi Mountain in Pakistan comes this amazing and rugged-looking 5.1” by 3.2” by 3.2”, 2 lb 6.6 oz, slightly smoky quartz, included with many rods of agerine. The agerine is clearly visible in the clarity of his sides and there are areas where Mother Earth matrix has clung to the crystal, embedding herself into the sides and termination! The matrix is glittery with inclusions of agerine as well as mica and golden healer. His sides bear nicely defined Lemurian lines and some nice glyphs … plus in spite of it all, his quartz is healed all over. He is extraordinary in every regard and a really special Spirit! There is a very small ding at his termination (you will have to look for it to see it well), but otherwise, he in in excellent condition.

This wonderful quartz comes from the famed Zagi Mountain where much of Pakistan’s rare earth minerals, astrophyllite, riebeckite and agerine are mined. These are often included in the smoky quartz found there and the energies are amazing! Agerine has been called sacred because it is an able assistant to the Shaman, facilitating insight, enabling third sight and revealing the hidden. When it is included in smoky quartz, the elements of protection and grounding are added. This is a crystal used for scrying, delving the depths of our Self and the wondrous Universe in which we have incarnated. This Spirit is SO easy to get lost in … begin by anointing him with rainwater or melted snow and allowing his most magnificent crystalline musk to rise! Put on heady music (like Voice of the Four Winds by Dik Darnell or Spiritchaser by Dead Can Dance) and the vibrational setting is complete. You will be totally amazed by how you are drawn into this crystal, just as the ancient Shamans were … visions rise and play before you like an etheric movie and as you ask questions, the scenes change and play out. Use this one very wisely – he is exceedingly powerful and will take you on the Shaman’s Path … and what a journey it will be!

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Rugged Zagi Mountain Quartz with Agerine – Shaman’s Path

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