#16441 Fabulous Polished Merlin (aka Generator) Quartz with Rainbows
Fabulous Polished Merlin (aka Generator) Quartz with Rainbows
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This is an amazing polished Brazilian quartz, 4.8 oz and 2.8” by 1.5” by 1.2”. She is polished all and has a lovely Merlin (aka generator) termination. She is beautifully polished and has many silver foils that throw rainbows … I tried to capture a few but she would only show me small ones … how coy! She is in excellent condition with only a teensy-tiny nick at one side of the termination and she is ready to special energies with a very special Keeper.

This past year has been an amazement to me – full of extremes and challenges! I feel like energy has been scattered to the wind and I’m still trying to find the pieces, much less pick them up. This Spirit is awesome for gathering up all those loose energies, transmuting them, and expressing them in more focused and meaningful ways. Her Merlin termination provides a focus so that you can work to optimal capacity. Her manifestors help you to see what has to be done as well as assisting your visualization of the results you want. She is a dynamo of energy herself, yet is able to mesh her energies with yours and help you seize control so that you feel comfortable “in your own skin”. She would be awesome in a crystal healing or Reiki practice for working on patients dealing with the same issues.

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Fabulous Polished Merlin (aka Generator) Quartz with Rainbows

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