#16460 Pair of Slender Fanned Wands of Black Kyanite
Pair of Slender Fanned Wands of Black Kyanite
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This is a pair of Brazilian, fanned wands of black kyanite weighing a total of 1.1 oz and one 4.1” with the other 3.7” (with quartz druse at the termination). Each is a beautiful, radiating spray that begins at a lower point and edges outward, curving gracefully … and the energy! Immense! These would be a perfect pair for a crystal healing or Reiki healer.

However, as beautiful as they are, they are also serious crystalline Spirits! In Brazil, these crystals are called witch’s broom because of their obvious shape and black coloration – and that conjures up images of evil and negativity – which is the furthest thing from her function. In fact, they are used more as an energy purifier –like a broom sweeping energies, cleaning out cobwebs, dispersing negativity and removing blockages. You have only to “sweep” each up and down the body and feel the difference! Use them to sweep crystal healing or Reiki patients before a treatment or to cleanse a meditation or treatment space. You’ll be surprised to find that they can be used for similar purposes on vehicles, houses and mechanical things. Always remember to “shake out the broom” after – although they NEVER hold negativity, it’s important to scatter it into the earth for transmutation!

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Pair of Slender Fanned Wands of Black Kyanite

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