#16549 Glowing Light Golden-Orange Lemurian Quartz with Timeline, Isis Faces
Glowing Light Golden-Orange Lemurian Quartz with Timeline, Isis Faces
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This is an intense and yet gentle, 5.8 oz, 3.1” by 1.8” by 1.2” golden-orange Lemurian quartz from Serra do Cabral, Brazil! She literally glows with a golden-orange light, exuding joy, energy and love. The pictures do not do the color justice … it is a true gold with orange tones and she has an opalescent aspect as well as many glyphs and two large keys. Her faces have scores of record keepers with a thin past timeline as well as two nice Isis faces! You’ll see a few starbrary glyphs on her sides and faces, blended with the finely-inscribed Lemurian lines. Except for a few minor nicks, she is in excellent condition and is quite astounding!

This is a channeling, shared with me by a beautiful Golden Lemurian: “We bring another stage in the awakening of the Lemurian knowledge and wisdom, that of the Golden Ray of Love. We offer the vibrations of both the ethereal and the physical, dedicated to service and formed of unconditional love. Long have we waited for this opportunity for those with the roots of Lemuria to hear our song. Listen now … it is sweet and embracing, centering on stillness and then swelling to crescendo as our messages are transformed to physical expression. You are called and it is you who must accept this shared role as we enter an Era of Light and Love, truly the Age of Aquarius.” Holding this wonderful crystal, I am washed with waves of joy and love – it’s the kind of sensation you get deep in your Solar Plexus when you are content and comfortable – like coming in from a cold rain, putting on dry clothes right from the dryer and sitting with a cup of hot chocolate. But it’s a feeling more than comfort. There is a connection to ancient teachers that pervades – as if you have a direct line to Spirit Guides. You are safe in speaking with them; fear is banished and you know the strong and true Spirit within you. his golden healer has an element of protection as well; your aura increases in size, pushing away negativity. She is absolutely potent! Interestingly, with her starbrary connections, she facilitates contact with Star Elders, again in a safe and protected mode. Of all emotions, fear generates the most negative power and people do unbelievable things because of the fear they harbor within. When you can clear your psyche of fear, you proceed unclouded and open in mind, heart and Spirit. She is part of the amazing Lemurian crystals emerging now, gifts of the Star Elders to the people of Lemuria … and our legacy as we usher in a new Lemurian age.

To work with this Spirit, play music that complements her energies and burn incense of your choice. Wash her ceremonially and sit in a place where you can reach a center of stillness. Call on the Archangel Uriel and allow the waves of unconditional love to fill you. Continue until you feel complete and cleanse her after, thanking her for her service. Draw on this love in all that you do, say and experience and in doing so, your life will be filled with passion and Light.

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Glowing Light Golden-Orange Lemurian Quartz with Timeline, Isis Faces

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