#16552 Lovely Twinned Tangerose (Rosie) Quartz Starbrary Warrioress
Lovely Twinned Tangerose (Rosie) Quartz Starbrary Warrioress
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This is a nicely colored 5.2 oz, 4.3” by 1.2” by 1.2” tangerose quartz from Brazil with twinned termination. These were isolated to a single find among tangerine quartz there, except rather than that juicy orange color, they were shades of coral and rose. Hematite, in its wondrous flexibility of expression, has altered their energies. In any case, the mine has since played out and closed, so no more of these luscious Spirits are immediately available. I was thrilled to find more on my supplier’s tables a few years ago and am enjoying their unique energy all over again! This Spirit is wonderfully clear with some shy rainbows inside. There is a small student that terminates at her side and at the edge of her well-healed base. There are Lemurian lines on her sides, intermingled with starbrary glyphs (some holographic) including some strange, circular ones. The twins appear to wrap around each other like a big crystalline hug! She is, however a warrioress in that when the key at her side separated, it a chunk of side with it and it’s shown in the pictures. You can see the healing but it will take some time to complete. But everything about her is sweet and beautiful and she is truly one of the most enchanting Spirits you will ever meet! There are some tiny dings other than the large one, but nothing of significance. She awaits a Keeper that will give her a chance.

I am amazed by the ancientness of the energies emanating from this Spirit, although she has a “young” look. She touches a cord deep within your soul that joins you to All That Is, instilling a deep sense of belonging. There is no need to worry or stew over what your role is – you know it without verbalizing in any manner. You are embraced in every sense by a sweetness and freshness that renews the Spirit and heals the Self. During meditation several summers ago, I perceived a color to the Earth’s aura that I called “resin” – it was a honeyed rose with a fragrance of tuberose or honeysuckle. The color and the odor were defined together – you couldn’t sense one without the other. And this Spirit is of that vibration – to work with her is to know the Earth in all its intimate stages, including the visitors from the stars. Her twinned nature speaks of Soul Mates, joined forever, sharing a love than transcends space and time. And it is now that you will both come together and assume a most special role together in service. She wishes to be with you both at this most auspicious time!

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Lovely Twinned Tangerose (Rosie) Quartz Starbrary Warrioress

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