#16555 Mystic Eternal Spiral Elestial DT Hand-Holder Quartz
Mystic Eternal Spiral Elestial DT Hand-Holder Quartz
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This amazing DT elestial quartz is from Jenipago, Brazil, 3.4 oz and 2.8” by 2.2” by 1.3” and seems to combine her elestial and starbrary expressions. And, she has a bit of calcite in some of her crevices and which only enhances her wondrous energies. The terminations twist and turn a bit so that when you hold her, there are many positions and she has a decided spiral feel. Place her in your hand and your fingers know instinctively where to hold her – she is absolutely mystic and remarkably ergonomic as she sets up a series of tingles in your palm! She has only the tiniest of dings and is in excellent condition, awaiting your personal meditations!

The spiral – eternal symbol of balance between the inner and outer consciousness. Spirals are everywhere – in our DNA, the movement of energy in our Chakras, in space, in the ocean. Water spirals when it drains from a sink. All of the ancient peoples held the spiral as the most sacred of symbols. This special Spirit is for a Keeper who is imbued in the practice of Light Work. She is a Spirit who would be treasured by the ancient Shaman as a powerful, yet gentle companion, permitting the Shaman access to worlds beyond perception. Many of us are conscious of Spirits we have worked with in past lifetimes – these Spirits often choose to “incarnate” with a special Keeper as their time together was not done. She is one such Spirit. Her rightful Keeper will recognize her immediately and know her from Before.

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Mystic Eternal Spiral Elestial DT Hand-Holder Quartz

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