#16565 Rare Psychic Discernment Leo Starbrary Quartz with Golden Lodelite, Window
Rare Psychic Discernment Leo Starbrary Quartz with Golden Lodelite, Window
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This is a brilliant quartz from Brazil, brilliant and very unusual … she is 1.6 oz and 2.7” by 1” by 0.9” with a student to her back and a slanted and healed base. Her sides hold an assortment of deeply set and layered rare Leo starbrary glyphs along with some gentle Lemurian lines. There is a shallow key beneath the student and inside is an astonishing inset of gold lodelite (aka chlorite) just under her large, dominant face and filling the student. The termination is skewed to the right and there is a neat diamond-shaped window on the opposite side. She is in excellent condition and small enough to pop into a larger pocket to travel with you.

These Spirits have a very interesting energy and like most chlorites, are protective, but in a different way. I call them “psychic discernment” for this reason. You know how when you have a difficult issue, you talk to different people for advice. Some advice you receive is not suitable and you reject it right away and some is right on the money and you accept it as quickly. But then there is the advice from a good friend, for instance, that on gut feel, you think is wrong, but because your friend is an expert or has been through something similar you take it, not trusting your own instincts. Or you are afraid of hurting your friend’s feelings and so you follow what he/she advises, again, not respecting your own instincts. The same is true on the ethereal-psychic level where you will get much information that perhaps is conflicting or may come from several different entities. And unlike your friend, these entities may not be known to you. This Spirit has the ability to strengthen that psychic “security” so that you are better able to discern appropriate, salient and important information coming to you from the etheric realm. You will find her an invaluable addition to your Working Group! Leo starbrary glyphs are very linear and geometric ... a bit like bar codes but diagonal as a leading edge to other more flowing glyphs. These are relatively rare but can be found on quartz from many locations.

The Leo peoples rarely interacted as they observed and noted what they found. They were like archeologists, meticulously cataloging what they discovered, as if creating an intergalactic history book. Coupled with the psychic discernment energies, this crystal is a powerful addition to your starbrary working group!

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Rare Psychic Discernment Leo Starbrary Quartz with Golden Lodelite, Window

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