#16570 Sparkling Fire Brandberg Amethyst Wand with Manifestors
Sparkling Fire Brandberg Amethyst Wand with Manifestors
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This is a 0.4 oz, 1.8” by 0.4” by 0.4”, brilliantly clear Brandberg amethyst wand with red bits of lepidocrosite within him. Inside, he has a number of manifestors and palest amethyst layered phantoms in his termination! A 10X loupe to truly appreciate the intricacies of his inclusions! He is magnificent and is part of a AAA collection of some of the first Brandbergs to come out of that area. My supplier was pleased to offer me these extremely special Spirits, and I, in turn, am excited to offer him to you. He has a couple of tiny-tiny dings which affect him not.

The Brandberg quartz is among the oldest in the world and it’s always a surprise to me that it is so crystal clear and sparkling – it belies the true “old soul” nature of the Spirit within. And clearly, this Spirit is very old soul. His glyphs are the communication of the Elder within to his Keeper and demonstrates what is inside and what is becoming. His lepidocrosite marks passion and the expression of what you love dearly. The enhydro represents flexibility. Water has no shape except for the container it's in, yet it moves mountains or nourishes tender seedlings. It is the center of life and as critical to us as the food we eat. This Spirit brings us totally to who we are and helps his Keeper understand sense of purpose in this lifetime. He is a protective Spirit, particularly with maintaining the purity of that power and he will not permit it to be used for material gain or negative purpose. Use him wisely and use him well.

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Fire Brandberg Amethyst Wand with Manifestors

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