#16574 Sunny Hiddenite Light Citrine Quartz with Nice Glyphs
Sunny Hiddenite Light Citrine Quartz with Nice Glyphs
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This is a gloriously-colored Hiddenite light citrine, 0.7 oz , 1.65” by 1” by 0.6” point with two small students, a few keys and golden mica at the base. He is very clear with well-glyphed sides and faces together with tactile Lemurian lines. He is incredibly splendid and from Hiddenite, North Carolina. His most excellent condition gives him an AAA rating and he looks forward to working with his forever Keeper.

With his sunny citrine aspects, he has a very happy and joyous demeanor. These citrines all seem to instill a sense of Self and Self-confidence that brings a security and calmness to your being. He helps you to relax, even if only for a moment, and release the cares of the day. As you ponder his complex nature, you give way to discovery, contemplation and admiration. He enables teaching and in particular, knowing those various aspects of Self so that you can use them to best advantage. As we learn to work with the “hidden” (pun intended here … he does come from Hiddenite …) layers of our own core personality, we can more fully expand our global consciousness and Spiritual evolution. With his goethite energies, he is also highly protective, an important aspect when looking at those hidden layers. You will find him expansive and enlightening, a perfect meditative companion for clearing the mind, focusing and integrating the revelations into physical expression.

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Sunny Hiddenite Light Citrine Quartz with Nice Glyphs

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