#16575 Surreal Landscape Dream Dome Quartz
Surreal Landscape Dream Dome Quartz
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This is a 1.4 oz, 1.7” by 1” by 1” quartz dream dome from Brazil. This one is an elongated oval shape and the dome puts the wonderful inclusions of deep mauve chlorite in one end on display as if under a magnifying glass. The quartz is exceptionally clear although just a bit opalescent. The base is flat but the semi-beveled, domed top creates a surreal and almost alien landscape. It was impossible to show this with the camera but will be easy to see in person. This is a primo Dream Dome that will have you wandering for a long, long time!

Dream Domes were so named because they encourage their Keeper to wander in the inner landscape. They are used for scrying and “day dreaming”, allowing your imagination, creativity and psychic sense to develop and expand. This is a critical skill for the Light Worker to develop and this beautiful Spirit is ready to help!

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Surreal Landscape Dream Dome Quartz

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