#16586 Astounding Quartz and Calcite Pseudomorph after Danburite Warrioress
Astounding Quartz and Calcite Pseudomorph after Danburite Warrioress
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This is another of the stunning and fascinating minerals from Russia. She is 2.4” by 1.5” by 0.8” and weighs 3 oz. When you think of danburite, you think of colorless or pink and ultra clear. Well, she is golden-brown and opaque except at her termination! She is surprisingly dense as her danburite shell has been replaced by quartz and calcite and you can see the quartz, looking amazingly like a danburite! The calcite is a coating on the outside and imparts the golden color. If you look inside the semi-clear quartz, you will see the entire process almost taking place in front of you – this one just demands a loupe because you don’t want to miss a thing! Also notice the etchings on the faces. Then, you will also notice that the calcite coating is tiny crystals of calcite – not a uniform layer, giving her a very fascinating look. Now she is a warrioress in that she has sustained a ding to the back of her termination … check this with a loupe and you see that this is nearly healed, testimony to her healing abilities. This is one unique and astounding Spirit!

I love pseudomorphs – they manifest all the energies of the replacement minerals while retaining the vibrations of the original. Calcite is a change-master. Next to quartz, it’s one of my favorite energies – it seems to ease the difficulty with change and “get you over the hump” in a hurry, without pain and without frustration. This Spirit’s golden color makes her a power crystal in the sense that we give and take our power in the Solar Plexus. When we are afraid, we tend to breathe rapidly and in doing so, pull in the negativity through the Solar Plexus, and thus pulling it throughout out Chakras. If instead, we take deep breaths through the Crown Chakra and send them out through the Solar Plexus, it will put a type of “force field” into effect and push away the negativity. This is a true change for many. Now, when you add in the danburite vibrations, you are stimulated to let your “light shine”. The quartz acts as a catalyst for the process and the dendrites are grounding, critical to success. This Spirit would love to work with patients in this manner in a crystal healing or Reiki practice, facilitating change, diffusing the negative and establishing a firm foundation for self-worth and healthy self-esteem. She is also lovely to hold while meditating and focusing on these same issues from a personal basis.

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Astounding Quartz and Calcite Pseudomorph after Danburite Warrioress

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